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Testimonials - 1

Cant thank you enough for getting the yarn to me so quickly! Am working on a project that needed it right then and never thought it would come so fast or be so easy. Hope you continue to prosper in your endeavors to reach around the globe with quality products!
I loved how fast the order shipped to me and especially love the prices. Not to happy about the shipping cost but in the end I still only paid about $1.35 per ball of yarn still a really good deal!
You are great.. :)
Love this site...I can afford to indulge my passion for making things!
Great buying experience, great product, very clear description and fast deliver....
Amazing fast delivery!

Amazing fast service Placed order 2pm, at 4 pm received notification of delivery scheduled for next day. Excellent, have been buying from your company for many years and recommend you highly.
I have bought from Ice Yarn several time. I have always had exceptional service. I always get a very quick response to questions. This order broke the delivery record - ordered Friday delivered Monday absolutely F A N T A S T I C Ice yarns. The yarn is beautiful. Thank you everyone
Love your website, have bought so much wool over the years, great quality and brilliant price. Have recommended it to so many people. Cant say enough good things about your service
Looking forward to shopping with you again I love the different colours of your wool and the baby magic is so soft thank you
I have shipped many items overseas, and the cost of your shipping is great!!! I couldnt believe that I ordered my items and then received them the same week - extremely fast delivery. I will definitely be buying from you again!! Thanks for getting my beautiful yarn to me so quickly!
WOW Im am thrilled with the delivery service. I ordered1011 around lunch time and just over 24hrs later my wool has been delivered. How amazing .

I love the quality of wool its beautiful and cannot stop buying.

Im so pleased I found you site your wool is so much better quality and such good value I dont buy it from anywhere else. Its a huge hit with me . Thank you .
I am very pleased with everything I receive from you. Every time my order arrives very quickly and always in perfect condition. I asked to be notified when the product I wanted would be back in stock. That happened, I ordered and two days later i had it; That is very imprtant for me; i order the same type of wool in different colours and I have to be certain that my projects will be possible in the required colours. I will defenitely order again. The only thing that bothers me is the shipping cast, but that cant be helped;

I think you people are doing a very very good job. I ordered yarn from the UK a month ago and it still has not arrived. I realise that shipping is expensive but am more than willing to pay as the delivery is very fast and awesome. This is one of the BEST companies I have dealt with online, your service is excellent!!!!! I would love to be able to order some good quality crochet needles and accessories eg. Tulip and Clover. I cannot dare to order from the UK again. I love that I can choose a shipping option because our postal service in South Africa is poor.

You guys rock! Thank you.
Im amazed at the quickness of the delivery by both the seller and DHL. The package arrived much earlier than they promised. The quality of the yarn is satisfying, soft and not prickly, and the color matches as seen on the screen. (I bought Superwash Merino, light lilac color.) This is the first time I have ordered from this website; I think its a happy experience, and I will definitely order again.
Fantastic service from Turkey. Ordered Monday delivered early Saturday. Even when ordering and paying for delivery the quality and prices are so much better than local shops.

I certainly wont be buying anything but Ice yarns.

Thank you for exceptional service. I also enjoy the Facebook page which gives loads of ideas and photos of other wools :-)
Wonderful range, incredible prices and even more faster service. When it comes to looking for yarn supplies for my projects, I only order through ICE Yarns; great service, so quick! Great information with the yarns, as well as pictures and zoom in options. By far the most well designed and appropriate site for my yarn needs. Such great variety, value and service.
Your yarn is fantastic nice to knit with and a fantastic choice to pick from as for the shipping I think its far to expensive I would buy a lot more of you if the shipping wasnt as expensive sometimes the shipping is double the price of your yarn
My whole experience with your company deserves 5 stars. I found the exact yarn I was looking for and was stunned by how fast it arrived at my front door! Your reasonably priced yarn offsets the cost of shipping. Your website is very easy to navigate and your email responses are prompt and courteous. Also, having the ability to use PayPal is the perfect means for securing my payment transaction!! I am more than just pleased I found your company!

I tried leaving 5 stars for each category but for some reason it wouldnt take my response. Please know you are a Five Star company. Thank you very much!
I love the yarn I got in my very first purchase with you. Your selections and prices are amazing!! I am disabled, so I cannot always get out to those gigantic craft stores to shop for yarn, and Walmart is the only place I can get to. Their selection is very small, and it makes me sad when I see all my friends in my groups on social media with all this unique beautiful yarn! Now, that Ive found your site, I can have it too!! Thanks so much!!
Although the shipping charges were high (to be expected) they were super fast and my purchase was delivered in 3 business days (from Turkey to the US). I received emails from the company everyday showing where my order was in the delivery process. I also found that the total price per item including shipping was very reasonable compared to other sites in the US. The colors were very close to the actual pictures on the web site. The product itself was clearly shown on the web site so I knew exactly what I was purchasing. Would definitely recommend this company.I only crochet, I do not knit so needles and other crochet items would be nice
This has got to be the most amazing yarn service in the world. I have ordered from YP for years and have never had flawed yarn or poor quality in either product or service. The delivery time is nothing short of awesome. This order took only five days to arrive in Durango, Colorado and two of those days were on the Easter weekend. Even with shipping costs, the yarn still came to far less than any I could have ordered in the U.S. and much faster as well. As long as these conditions remain Ill be an avid customer!
I was very very impressed with my yarns and the quality and how fast they arrived!

I bought more after buying on eBay and customer service answered me right away.

The yarn worked up beautifully with no splits and no frays.

Colors are beautiful! It works up like a dream!

Im so impressed!!
Yseterday I placed an order from my home in Switzerland, this morning it arrived!!!! Less than 24 hours was brilliant service, thank you and I am happy to continue as a customer, This is amazing service.

Dorothy Guelbert.
I have just started to crochet again after 50 years so I am trying to build my stash up again. I thought your web site and prices seemed very good, so I thought I would give it a try and I am very happy I did. I cant get out, so I rely on the www to do all of my shopping and sometimes you are taking pot luck
Shipping is the fastest Ive ever seen, especially considering its from Turkey to the Pacific NW area of the U.S. Prices are *amazing*, even including shipping from so far away. I am on a fixed income, and its wonderful to be able to buy quality yarns in sweater quantities at great prices. The yarns are lovely, too. So glad I found your company! Ive seen some of your yarns in projects on Ravelry.com, and wondered where they came from. Happy I found out Thank you so much for the wonderful prices, service, and products!
You supply the best yarn at a great price. I told my friends at my knitting club that your range of yarns is endless ,I never seem to get past the first page or so as there is always a beautiful yarn that I want to order before seeing any of the following ranges. It wont be long before I have a look at your site again as I wouldnt dream of going anywhere else for my knitting yarns.

Many thanks

This was my second time ordering and once again, I am very pleased. The shipping was prompt and the yarn is gorgeous. Amazing prices and fare shipping cost to the US (though I do wish shipping could be combined of buying more than one lot)

Thank you again for a most excellent experience.
My order arrived today. I cant believe how fast it arrived. Everything about my order has been smooth and easy - just perfect.

I was planning to use the yarn to do a dye demonstration for children, but it may be too good for that purpose - I may have to use it for a crocheting project for myself and order some more later for the dye demonstration.
Ive been buying your wool for quite a while I definitely would recommend you. I love the quality of your wool and the colours. Very quick deliveries.
You are amazing!!! I order wool one day, and get it the next day, and I live in another country!! I am blown away by your amazing service.. have ordered lots of wool off you, its fab and will continue to do so, and will always recommend you big time :D thankyou! :D
I find that your yarns are of good quality far better than I can buy here in Spain for a similar price, as for delivery thats fantastic. My recent order was placed on Sunday and delivered to my home in a small Spanish pueblo on Tuesday afternoon.
Your yarn prices are fantastic. Even with cost of shipping to the US, the total prices are still an excellent deal. Plus the quality of the yarns is wonderful. Amazing variety, lovely colors, and something for every budget. Plus DHL is super-fast shipping! I still cant quite believe I can get yarn from Turkey to Oregon in two days. Im so glad I found your site. I love you guys!
I have been a very satisfied customer for many years now, everything about your company and quality is the best I have ever had. I sell the knitting that I make and my customer keep returning, they are so happy with the selection and quality of the yarn that I purchase from you. I want to thank you and I will continue to use your company .
i am so happy that i gat the yarn so fast, but sins you do have so much Products i will take the time to og tru it all :) to morow ewneng, who i will see as a quality time for me:)

yhank you so werrrry much, my oldest daughter have seen it and are werry happy.

i am sure my youngest will love it too

whit hig regards Inger Lise Ekseth
Your service is excellent. L ordered some yarn from you and a company in the USA on the same date. I have received your product and am still waiting for the domestic delivery.
Fantastic, unbelievable prices, quality and shipping times. Excellent company. Will probably only order my yarn from you in the future. Very pleased!!!
I have been very happy with the the quality and pricing of the yarn I have purchased. I would recommend yarn paradise to friends and family! Thanks for putting out a great product :)
I found this site by accident whilst browsing on Google. I placed an order and it arrived within a few days, Im in the UK. I love the yarns, the quality equals other well known brands that I have bought over here but is far cheaper, even taking into account the shipping charges. I have now ordered three times, the last order via UPS was ordered on Saturday evening and arrived Tuesday morning. I expect to be buying again very soon. I love this site!

Sue :)
i have shopped with your company many times now and i dont go any where else for my yarn

i think your yarn is fantastic your service is excellent

and i am a very happy customer

yours julie Kemp
I am very happy with everything I buy no problems at all ! I love your sales too !

I have been using your Safari eyelash recently to make Teddy bears and have had some wonderful comments on how gorgeous they look this yarn is the very best I have ever used

I belong to a Knitting Forum and have been recommending your yarn to all the people I talk to and I have people asking all the time for your website address

Thank you so much for your excellent yarn and service

Marguerite Abbott
I was EXTREMELY impressed with the speed of the shipping!! I ordered yarn on a Friday afternoon (3p.m.) and it was delivered to me (in South Carolina, USA) 71 HOURS later on Monday afternoon at 2p.m. The yarn looks and feels lovely; I cant wait to knit with it - its a Christmas present, so I cant use it until after Christmas. Thank you so much! I will definitely be buying more yarn from you in the future!
Im very, very happy that I find Your store, Yarn is very good quality, price is very reasonable, shipping is so fast even faster ten from other USA states I really appreciate Your business. Thank You very much and wish You the best Janina Pietrzyk Richmond VA
Very impressed with the speed of the delivery and the email updates regarding this. Will definitely shop here again.
I am very impressed with the prices of yarn and the delivery time is amazing. The fastest so far was my last order, 24 hrs from ordering to taking delivery. I have recommended your website to several of my friends and they are all equally impressed. Well done, keep up the good work.
I am delighted with my purchase. It arrived after just a few days which I wasnt expecting, considering its come all the way from Turkey. Its beautiful yarn, the colours are fabulous, and considering just how little I paid for it, the quality is outstanding.

The service was first class, as was the communication.

Thank you so much. Ill most definitely be using you again.

Linda Sharp
I was so surprised how quickly I received my package!!! I have orders with other companies for various items, not yarn, that are in the USA and I am still waiting on these packages to arrive. The constant communication thru email and courier is great and truly appreciated. Thank you!!!
I have bought from this company a number of times and have always been delighted with my purchases. The quality of goods is always a high standard, and there is such a wide variety of yarn types....To top it all my goods have always arrived within a few days...WONDERFUL SERVICE !!!
It has been a pleasure doing service with you.Lovely unusual wool that I cant purchase in the UK.The delivery is exceptional a lot quicker than some companies over here.Very very impressed with your company.Thank you.
i only ever order my wool from yourselves due to excellent price, quality and variety
I have bought Ice Yarns before through e-bay. I like your products and I really like your web site. You are tagged on my favorites. I love my newest order-super prices and very nice yarn. Love the colors and the textures. For a overseas shipment the delivery was very fast too. Thanks. Ill see you again.
You can see how many items I have bought from ICE. Small yarn seller for little return on Ebay. I resell some of your yarn that I buy. Am considering your reselling program but do not quite understand yet how that would work. Your shipping by DHJ to the US is phenomenal
have been a customer for quite a while and you never let me down. the yarns are prime quality and the prices amazing. the delivery is safe and fast. yesterday i ordered a lovely peru alpaca mix and it arrived today. oustanding! please, keep the good work

my post on your FB page

This is the fastest and most formative ordershipment ever. Super good service. I will definatly order again soon
The best and most efficient site I have ever visited. Fabulous quality items and delivery was outstanding. I will certainly be browsing your website again. Many thanks
I made my first purchase to see the quality of your wool products. Your wool is incredible. You have impressed me.

I also like the variety of your knitting inventory. Thank you . Product integrity is important. I am grateful to help support this company. Lenora
Just received my order and all looks great! Shipping cost is understandable considering the distance and the speed. I ordered 60 skeinsballs and even with shipping figured in cost was under $1.50 per ball, much better than any other shop. I will most likely order again in the future.
Thoroughly impressed with the speed my orders were expedited and the delivery. Will definitely shop from you again.
Really nice yarn, incredible prices. I was kept up to date on the shipping process through emails. Will buy again. Thanks!
I ordered on the 25th September, in the middle of your holiday, order processed the 28th after your holiday. I received my order the 29th. Fab order and delivery service. The same day I ordered from a British firm. Still waiting.
Have been ordering yarn for a while from Ice Yarns and have never been disappointed with the quality of yarn. I find your company reliable and I always recommend you to others, telling them how good your yarn is. Thank you!
Im in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I placed a yarn order 3 days ago and have it in my hands today!!!!! Coming all the way from Turkey, this amazes me. Plus I got goodfast customer service when I wrote with a request after placing my order. Even within that short purchasedelivery time, my request (for a change in my order) was accomplished.

Ill be back to place more orders, no doubt about it.
Really delighted with the yarn it is perfect for what I needed, the speed of delivery amazing ordered on Friday and it arrived Monday, great communication txt telling me time of arrival, price excellent thank you very much Ice Yarn
I would like to thank you for such excellent service. For the attention to detail with the tracking on the delivery from DHL. Im very impressed with the speed of delivery. I had a problem with my payment by Paypal, which you contacted me about, so it was only ordered late on Sunday night and paid for in the middle of the night, yet I received it before 10.30 am on Tuesday.

It was so helpful being kept informed of everything. love the yarn too.

So thank you again, Sue Jacklin.

Your items, the price, the shipping, your website design, etc. are all of the finest quality. I was a little apprehensive about ordering something from Turkey, but this experience has been excellent and I wouldnt hesitate to order from you again.
Very happy with purchase. Thank you!

I really appreciate the accurate colours in your yarn section.
I did not realise, when ordering, that items were being dispatched from Turkey, until I received my order summary. I was worried I would either not receive the items or they would take a long time to be delivered. My order was delivered 3 days after ordered, I was very impressed and have been back on the site ordering more. Excellent price, amazing selection, great communication and fast delivery 1010
You are great - talk about speedy! Im amazed the beautiful yarn arrived so quickly. The yarn is lovely. Thank you.
I am so happy with my purchase. As soon as I received it I had to knit a swatch and its knitting up wonderfully. No splitting and no snagging. Great quality wool.

I am also amazed with how fast it got here, I live in a small city in Canada and it was here faster than orders from within Canada.

I am so pleased with my purchase and will definitely be ordering again.
If you have never bought from this company you should. I have now been buying from them for several years and I have never been disappinted yet
Delivery time was abolutely amazing from Turkey to U.K. 36 hours from ordering until yarn was delivered.
I am very pleased with my order. I enjoyed the experience of going through the website and choosing my yarn. I have bought yarn in Turkey on many visits,and know that the best yarn comes from Turkey. Being able to buy it so easily is wonderful. The delivery was really quick. Even taking into account the shipping costs the yarn is still so much cheaper than here in the UK, and I have a huge choice and excellent quality. I will definetly be buying from you again and will recommend to my friends. Thank you.
Amazing service and great products. :@)

PS, I put five stars on everything, but theyre not staying... :@(
Fantastic item service and customer care and super quick delivery thank you
Love the product. Fast delivery from Turkey to Canada. Shipping cost more than acceptable considering savings on product. Will shop again.
So much better value than buying in UK
Very happy with the quality & the speed of delivery was fabulous, especially coming from Turkey & I live in the UK.
Great yarn for the price. Perfect for certain projects.
shipping cost a bit to high, but ok due to fast delivery

Good price good quality.
Excellent quality of products and selection, easy ordering, fast shipping, awesome prices. Would not hesitate to recommend your website.
Nice yarn and good quality

I will order more and more in the future

Thank you very much
Beautiful crochet thread, have yet to see how it wears but looks fantastic, just what I was looking for! I am even sending some to my mother in New Zealand. Great delivery time - took only about 3 days. Awesome job!Awesome yarns, absolutely awesome! Have ordered before and the crochet yarns and knitting yarns are of excellent quality. Prices are great, just wish the shipping wasnt so expensive. However the advantages of shopping at Yarn Paradise far outweigh the disadvantages! Im coming back!
I am always so pleased with both my shopping experience and the quality of what I receive. When I share it with others, they are always so surprised with your yarns and I give out your website to everyone I know who uses yarns. I think that the shipping scares people, but the prices including the shipping far outweigh the prices locally. However, I know of many places that say do not want people to shop online and tell their customers that you never know what you are getting. But, I always tell them, Yarn-Paradise always has beautiful yarn, professionally photographed on their website, and quality customer service. I am a constant repeat customer! Oh, and TNT and DHL are wonderful to deal with also!
Shopping on your website is like letting a child loose in a candy shop. The choices and delicious colors are very tempting. Ordering was easy and quick. The prices are outstanding. The order follow up, shipping and delivery; flawless. Quality of the yarn; superb. You are now my top choice for yarn purchasing and will definitely recommend your website.

Thank for making a happy crafter.

I cannot rate this company highly enough ! I have bought numerous lots of wool and have been delighted !

Delivery is brilliant , website brilliant ! wool quality excellent ! I will continue to buy from this company so carry on the good work !

Judi Roberts

A very satisfied customer !
I cant believe that your shipping is so fast!!! Its faster than when I have ordered anything in the USA; even Fedex!! Ive already notified everyone in my knitting groups (which they didnt believe till I showed them my order and tracking info. They were all astounded!
I have bought yarn many times from your company. And I am going to do it many times more. It is the best place, the best yarn, and the best price. Thank you.
The prices are extremely reasonable, and the shipping time is the fastest Ive seen. Only 3 days from Turkey to Tennessee.

I can get something delivered from the next closest state in the US any faster than that! Thanks so much for all the great yarns you offer. Perfect for my art projects!!
I am delighted to find your website and the yarns that are offered at great prices! I will be a frequent buyer and will pass this along to my friends. Thank you for your ebay site where I found you.
As I said I have been buying your yarns for years not only for me but for my friends too. We all love your , colours and your yarns they are exceptional. Hope to still be buying from you for many years to come. There are so many beautiful items that have been made from all of us from your yarn.

People always ask me where do I buy my yarn and I give them your website but I think the delivery ost stops them from purchasing from you.


Since Ive discovered your company, Ive been overwhelmed with how vast your selection of covers are!!! From the the time I found your company ParadiseIce Yarns, Ive ordered 3x!!! I will continue to do so and Ive suggested your company to my sisters and other friends who crochet. I hope they will order too!

The colours and textures are OUTSTANDING!! The ease of selection are quantity are what Ive been looking for a long time! I crochet dresses, sweaters, and sometimes coats so I need the volume that you sell!!

Thank You so very much for your fast service and EXCELLENCE IN QUALITY AND SERVICES!!

I SHALL continue to order from you from this point on!


Thank You sincerely Carla Lynn Johnson:)Since Ive discovered your company, Ive been overwhelmed with how vast your selection of covers are!!! From the the time I found your company ParadiseIce Yarns, Ive ordered 3x!!! I will continue to do so and Ive suggested your company to my sisters and other friends who crochet. I hope they will order too!

The colours and textures are OUTSTANDING!! The ease of selection are quantity are what Ive been looking for a long time! I crochet dresses, sweaters, and sometimes coats so I need the volume that you sell!!

Thank You so very much for your fast service and EXCELLENCE IN QUALITY AND SERVICES!!

I SHALL continue to order from you from this point on!


Thank You sincerely Carla Lynn Johnson:)
I found the service extremely professional. I was contacted within 12 hours concerning payment. The purchase was from another country payment had to be telephone in or paid through paypal. The product that arrived within two days. The yarn is very soft and of high quality. I will continue to purchase yarn from this company to meet my crocheting needs
Thank you for your amazing quality and speedy service. Even when *I* messed up my own zip code, you were quick to fix the error and the package still arrived in 4 days from Turkey to Michigan, USA. Wow! I understand why shipping costs need to be high and with the total costs its still a great deal! Thank you! I will be returning for more business and will be spreading the word about yarn-paradise!
Amazing! From Turkey to Houston, Texas in only three business days! I bought cottonacrylic yarn to crochet a baby afghan and it is wonderful: Color, quality, quantity, price - all perfect. Thank you so much! I do a lot of crocheting of ladder yarn necklaces and will surely be buying that type of yarn from you in the near future. Thank you so much for your fast service and high-quality yarn.
I just received one of my orders and was surprised as to how quickly it was delivered from Istanbul, Turkey to Toronto, Ontario Canada. Everything I ordered looked amazing & Im really looking forward to working with my new yarns & threads.

I think this wool is great. such a huge variety, I havent looked in a wool shop in the uk since i ordered my first lot from ice yarns. I have ordered quite a lot now, no complaints at all. cant believe how quick I receive my orders.
I was a little hesitant, seeing as order from Ebay coming from far off shores, and was hoping my hard-earned money wasnt wasted. Was thrilled when package arrived, and the quality of the product looks great. Am going to start knitting it up tonight. I have recommended friends to have a look at the Ice brand product. It is a shame really seeing as I am from a wool producing country that I cannot buy it afford to buy merino yarn here, but our prices are at least three times what yours are, and when you are on a budget that demands consideration. Thanks! I would definitely order again.
Was very surprised and pleased on how fast the delivery was. Only 4 days

from ordering and yarn was exactly like I pictured it would be with a very good price.
You the best!!!!!Product is the best!!!Prise the best!!!Your service is the best!!!!

I love you guys !!!And I will get from you lots of different staff!!

Thank you so much for your work.

I never so service like this befor.

Order from you big pleager and fun.

Your forever Irina Toronto Canada
I am amazed at your delivery time. I ordered late on a Friday evening and my order was at my door the following Wednesday afternoon. I live in Newfoundland and usually anything I order from the USA or Canada takes anywhere form 10 days to 3 12 weeks, usually closer to the latter., and for a greater shipping charge. To have arrive so soon, and all the way from Turkey is fabulous. The yarn is exactly the colour I wanted, just as it looked on the website. Thank you so much

Kerry Cornell
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