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Testimonials - 3394

Excellent shipping time and great value.
Your yarn is the best in the world.

Ive ordered far too much over the years & never, ever been disappointed.

Quality superb, prices amazing. Delivery first class.

My order today arrived in less than 24 hours - incredible.

HOORAY for yarn paradise
I am very happy with my purchase, the cost was really good, the shipping time was simply amazing. From Turkey to Nothern Central United States in a few days. The shipping costs were pretty reasonable when I think of how far it came and so quickly. My package (a bag, inside the yarn packages were in other bags) had a small puncture, but the yarn was not damaged.

As far as your website, it is wonderful, there is so much content that I was overwhelmed. It will take me a few times of using it to really get use to navigating it. Over all I would say it was good, user friendly. This user just needs more practice. I look forward to making future purchases. This was overall a very positive experience. Thank You.
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