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Testimonials - 3410

I love your products a lot I just wish that you can give the shipping a little cheaper or a places where we can get it here in US.
I was anxious to see if your yarn lived up to some reviews I had seen and it did. The yarn is beautiful and feels so nice. The quality is excellent!! I have already put in a second order and will continue to order in the future. I will also be telling all my friends about ICE yarns.
I love this company! The variety is incredible and the prices are almost impossible to believe. The prices are so low, that even if your shipping costs $20-30 (due to international & priority rates), you still literally pay about half the price you would for the same item at any craft or boutique yarn store in the US, particularly if order in large quantities.

You would think that its too good to be true, but this is one rare instance where this is NOT the case! The quality of the fibers are premium, excellent, clean packaging and amazing service. I cannot recommend Yarn Paradise highly enough!

Also, I forgot to mention that despite the shipment coming from Turkey, I have received all of my order in less time than I have for domestic companies.
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