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Testimonials - 3592

I have now shopped through your site a number of times and have found it an enjoyable experience. I love the wide variety of yarns that you carry and the wonderful cheap price. It can be very tempting to buy more each time I have shopped.

The shipping costs can be a bit scary sometimes but when I look at how many balls of yarn I am getting and the much cheaper cost of those then the total cost including the shipping probably ends up being a similar amount to what I would pay here in Australia. Yarn is not cheap here and I would end up with a lot less balls of yarn than I do through your site.

I always receive my deliveries from you within a week of ordering and this is fantastic as other purchases I have made from other overseas companies can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks to arrive. Keep this happening as I always know that from the fun of shopping on your site to the time I receive the package will not be very long and I look very forward to them arriving.
SoftAcryl Melange Turquoise, Blue, White
I love Ice Yarns . The quality is superb and the color selection is outstanding . Will continue to shop and suggest Ice Yarns as long as I crochet . Well done .
ive only seen ice yarns recently but have already made 3 large orders I love the quality and delivery time is great I will defo use again quite often
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