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  • Mirage Color - cardigan hoody

    cardigan hoody    

  • Bag

    The bag is worked with Macrame thread!

  • Basic socks!

    Just basic knit socks

  • Triangle shawl in Ice Yarn Magic Light

    Side to side, simple garter stitch shawl.

  • Molly Doll and Minnie Mouse Doll

    I crocheted these dolls with Babby Summer for my 4 year old niece. The patterns are from Amigurumi Today 

  • Beanie Hat

    Crocheted 5 Star Beanie Pattern using Cakes Chain Wool ( Color Salmon Maroon Lilac Camel)

  • Paw Patrol blanket

    Crochet in c2c in kristal love that yarn just need more color and also more color in same color etc brightest Brown , light Brown , Brown , Dark Brown and darkest Brown and in orange and Grey

  • scarf

    Lithuanian flag colours scarf,used Kristal yarn.,,crochet.

  • Dress

    Dress knit from Linen yarn,used 18 balls.

  • Dress

    Dress is made from 25 units of Ice yarn, Giglio yarn,weight of 1250 gr, and 9625 metres knit total ,ended with 512 pattern reports and closed totally 5120 loops!!!🌞l knited dress with circullar nedlles,all a round,no sewing done.l even was published in magazine for knitters in Lithuania with that dress and l won a bag of knitting yarn!

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