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You can take the advantage of wholesale terms if you would be interested in purchasing and stocking our items in large volume. There are minimum requirements for wholesale pricing, and opening a wholesale account. Wholesaler is a person who buys minimum 50 kilograms of yarns in an order. We apply some discount when any customer want to buy this amount of yarn. All items offered at our website are in-stock. Please also state if you have any special request, and we can inform you of any type of yarn you request. If you want to buy as a wholesaler, search the items you need with using the filter of the website, then let us know the order list writing stock code of the items as shown on our website. Please fill out the following wholesale form below, and provide as much information as possible. After completing the form online, it will be sent to a member of our team for approval. You may be asked for additional information to confirm your qualifications for the account. To expedite the process please be careful for your personal information (address, phone number etc) when you enter your wholesale application so that we do not have to ask you for the information later. Once your account has been reviewed and approved, you will receive notification by email letting you know that you are ready to begin ordering.


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