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  • Linen

    50% Linen 50% Viscose
    Needle Size : 3mm.
    Yarn Tags : Viscose Summer Yarn Linen Natural Yarn Fine Weight

  • Hemp

    100% Hemp Yarn
    Needle Size : 4mm.
    Yarn Tags : Summer Yarn Linen 100% Linen Natural Yarn Double Knitting Hemp

  • Loop Linen

    34% Linen 25% Viscose 31% Acrylic 10% Polyamide
    Needle Size : 4mm.
    Yarn Tags : Viscose Summer Yarn Linen Boucle Double Knitting

  • Wool Linen Tweed

    60% Virgin Wool 12% Linen 25% Viscose 3% Polyester
    Needle Size : 2mm. - 2.75mm.
    Yarn Tags : Winter Yarn Superfine Wool Viscose Linen Tweed

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